Nothing beats the scent of fresh coffee in the morning

As we move towards fall, and the days get shorter and crisper, it seems about time for that annual beverage migration: away from the iced coffee, and returning to the traditional morning cup of hot, fresh coffee. 

For me, possibly the best part of hot coffee is the smell. Nothing inspires me to roll out of bed and face the day quite as well as the wafting scent of coffee. And now, research shows that there is a scientific reason for this little boost.

Researchers in South Korea claim that the scent of coffee reactivates certain genes which are suppressed by sleep-deprivation, thereby waking you up. Furthermore, coffee has been shown to be one of the most complex scents in our everyday lives, actually containing more than 800 compounds which contribute to our impressions of 'the smell of coffee.' Therefore, it is likely a combination of these compounds which has this invigorating effect.

So, next time you need a morning wake-up or a mid-afternoon boost, skip the caffeine and just try a sniff of Cyrano coffee instead!