Central Park

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There is no place like Central Park, the lungs of Manhattan, where the urban surrenders to the bucolic. A couple of years ago we happened to be there on a warm spring afternoon, and were completely nose-stunned. Layers of giddy relief -- grasses after the rain, floral signatures, and faintly, but unmistakably, the sweet joy of the waffle cone.

Play Central Park oNotes on your Cyrano, and conjure our moment. Feel the thrill and thrum of the city hold hands with the peace of Central Park, a magical inexplicable combination. Try Central Park in your Cyrano. We think you'll recharge. Think of it as urban transportation. And let us know, will you?


FEATURING notes of SOIL, after the RAIN, spring NIGHT AIR, fresh WAFFLE CONE, sweet JASMINE, zesty LIME, freshly cut GRASS, and MAGNOLIA.