About Us

Professor Edwards

oNotes is a small team of experts with the kind of diverse domain expertise required to build a world-shaping company.   With Harvard inventor David Edwards as the driving visionary, we are currently partnering with some of the leading corporations on the planet to bring scent into digital experience for entertainment, wellbeing, and ultimately better health.   The company was started by Professor Edwards and his then-student Rachel Field at Harvard University.  It took shape at Le Laboratoire in Paris in the summer of 2013, where it  formally became oNotes, and was joined by co-founder and experienced tech entrepreneur Don Zereski,  plus early team members  Brendan Regan and Nick Cardone.   The active and participatory oNotes board of directors, includes Dr. Dennis Ausiello (MGH/Harvard Medical School), Adam Hanft (Hanft Projects), Ron Nordin (formerly Atlas Ventures), and Denis Terrien (founder Amazon France). 

Why oNotes ?

It all began with the simple yet powerful idea that our lives are missing something fundamental because we are not using all our senses.  There is continual innovation around sight, hearing, taste and touch.  But not scent – which is the most powerful of all -  because scent signals go directly to the brain.  That’s why we can get a hint of an aroma from childhood and we are instantly transported back to the comfort of time. 

oNotes exists to innovate in that powerful yet untapped area – to bring us “Everyday Betterness™” by making scent a more meaningful part of our experiences an interactions.   The best way to accomplish this is through the power of digital technology, which enables us to send sequences of personal scent signals through the air in the form of “olfactory notes" – what we call oNotes.

These oNotes are “played” through our Cyrano digital scent speaker.  You can create your own scent playlists to help you immerse and concentrate, to inspire you to be creative, to transport you out of the moment to exotic places and spaces.